Humpty Dumpty: The Eggs Files

DateOctober 21 2022
Time7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
LocationWembley Community CentreWembley

We welcome you to this year’s Wembley Theatre Company production, Humpty Dumpty: The Eggs Files.

This year we visit Planet Pantomime as we have never done before! Tony Nicholls’ and the Wembley Theatre Company take you deep into space and across the universe to the planet Equilibria, ruled by the evil Queen Pangea. Prince Jaywalker is keen to set the record straight and return the throne to the true heir. However, one character, Humpty Dumpty, a droid shaped like an egg, holds the secrets Queen Pangea would rather stay hidden.

Crash landing in a big way right onto Planet Pantomime, the dear old lady, Delilah Scaraway, who lives in a shoe, takes Humpty Dumpty in when she finds him. But unfortunately, Delilah is facing her own troubles with the greedy landlord, The Knave of Hearts. He is keen on having Delilah evicted. Follow the adventures of the Rebel Force, Prince Jaywalker, Chew Cracker, Glenda and Espion as they try to track Hum2 Dum 2 down from Planet Pantomime and back into space again.

Friday 21st October 7pm
Saturday 22nd October 2pm
Sunday 23rd October 2pm
Friday 28th October 7pm
Saturday 29th October 2pm
Sunday 30th October 2pm
Friday 4th November 7pm
Saturday 5th November 2pm
Sunday 6th November 2pm

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