It’s Definitely Kitsch by Leon Pericles

DateJuly 10 2021
Time10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
LocationLeon Pericles StudioMargaret River

Acclaimed artist and finalist in the 2021 Western Australian of the Year Awards Leon Pericles is opening the doors to his Margaret River studio for an exclusive one-day event ‘It’s Definitely Kitsch’. Pericles will host a one-off event on Saturday 10 July where he will reveal two new additions to the Kitsch Collection a series of 12 masterful etchings celebrating all things “kitsch”. The new releases Big Things and Thongs join Pericles’ classics Lava Lamps, Gnomes, Snow Domes, Trophies, Clotheslines, Flying Ducks, Spoons, Sharpeners, Whirligigs and Shakers. The complete Kitsch series will be on show along with an exhibition of Pericles’ other works.

Big Things and Thongs are the first etchings to come out of Pericles’ studio since 2019 after he spent much of 2020 painting the commission The Spirits Within that now hangs in the Parmelia Hilton Hotel.

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