Life Writing with Rosemary Stevens

DateSeptember 03 2022
Time10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
LocationCentre For StoriesNorthbridge

Do you have a story to tell based on your own life or family history? How can you capture these moments and bring them vividly to life? This popular six-week course offers an intimate, safe and relaxed environment in which to begin, or reinvigorate, your life story. What form will the story take? How should you tell it? Where to begin and end? These questions are some of the threads that will be teased out and woven into the unique pattern that is your story. We will start with small, manageable details accessed through the five senses, and combine creative imagination with memory and research to unlock character, narrative and theme. The course will run from 10am on each Saturday between 3 September–8 October.

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