Light Flows Exhibition – Art Marx Gallery

DateApril 23 2022
Time11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
LocationArt Marx GalleryFremantle

‘Light Flows’ – an exhibition around the way that light influences our every day and how it can be represented in abstract art. Myra Mitchell chooses both abstract and semi abstract styles to explore the art of painting to convey her feelings. Julie Fowell developing abstract paintings based on colour theory and non-objective art, using ‘automatic drawing’ as a starting point. Jo Duffy uses her combination of a Bachelor of Arts (Design) and self-taught experience to depict the Australian landscape in an Expressionist style. Jacqui Armstrong finds inspiration in everyday stories and encounters, combining texture and form to create unique situations in abstract paintings. An expressive journey, she brings some of her paintings of her coastal life to this exhibition. Paul Nagle originally fell into painting by means of doing backdrops for the bands he was playing in, throughout his early teens. This passion for art lead him to studies at various art schools in and around Sydney.Resident artist Tracey-Ann Morris is wanting to paint a deeper connection with her surroundings. Her inspiration is the ‘Sensing Mind Series’ or the connecting mind, where the canvas and paint become the interface for connecting to memories, places, feelings and nature.

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