‘Love-Lane’ Isla Art Auction

DateJanuary 19 2022 - February 04 2022
LocationStala Contemporary Art GalleryWest Perth

‘Love-Lane’ is a street art exhibition and silent auction fundraiser at Stala Contemporary art gallery from 19 January to 4 February 2022. In September 2020, the weekend of her 2nd Birthday, Isla was diagnosed with ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. In simple terms ALL is a very fast acting cancer of the Bone Marrow. It started with a visit to A&E with her parents after an unsatisfied repeat number of visits to the doctors for viral infections, high temperatures and most recently unusual bruising on her body. Something did not feel right to them, a sentiment that has been repeated by all parents who they met along the way on the Oncology ward.

Given a long and grueling plan of treatment for 2 years and 6 months, Nik Rogers, the family’s close friend wanted to help in any way possible. With a passion for art, the Isla Art Auction was soon established. Over the space of a year Nik has used his love for Isla and passion for art to meticulously source the most outstanding pieces and coordinate a one of a kind Street Art Auction in aid of Isla. With each piece graciously donated to Isla from world renowned established artists. Founded on Art, Creativity and the power of love this event is not to be missed.

All of the artwork is from across the globe; Australia, Central & North America, Europe and the Middle East, and donated by world renowned street artists; Faile, Martin Whatson, Lefauves, Nick Smith, Pure Evil, Lister, and many more. Each piece of art is expertly framed with the support of Perth’s framing community; Art Framers, Castle Gallery NI, Clocktower Framers, Cosmic Studios, Guest Fine Art Services, Milford Framers, Stewart Fine Art, Studio 281 Gallery, and White Frame.

A word on Isla:

Isla radiates the most beautiful energy and is full of affection, love and happiness. You will often see her with a grinning smile, and for anyone who does not know her you would be surprised to know the battle she has endured and continues to take with such tenacity. Isla is 1 year into her treatment, she has endured many days, weeks and months that have been nothing short of a nightmare for herself and her loving parents. An experience no child should endure. 13 months in and she is doing well with treatment, kicking all the goals to meet her full recovery. With a road ahead full of chemotherapy, and excellent care at Perth Children’s Hospital, we follow Isla’s lead in not letting cancer define her. Instead we truly take in the joys and love of everyday life. She is a fighter and a survivor.

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