Mama Red & The Dark Blues Album Launch – Long Way to Redemption

DateAugust 19 2022
Time7:30 PM - 11:55 PM
LocationLyric LaneMaylands

Mama Red & the Dark Blues take listeners on a musical journey to Hades via Lost Love Canyon, Near Miss Alley and Shotgun Street – and bring them out feeling like they’ve ridden a thousand miles on a horse named Sorrow, but lived to tell the tale. Described as ‘Alt-Country-Pop with a hint of blues’, but messing with genres, gender stereotypes and refusing to be stylistically confined, the band’s eclecticism and originality is part of their charm. After a (more than) five year wait, the band is releasing their new conscious concept album, Long Way to Redemption, at Lyric’s Underground. The band has evolved, and hard hitting social, environmental, political and personal themes bring both pathos and positivity to this release.

In true Dark Blues form, the new work is heavy with heart-wrenching harmony, moving fearlessly across genres, but woven together seamlessly through lyrical narrative and dark Australian Gothic storytelling. Featuring Harry Deluxe, a lead vocalist who can simply blow the speakers, and combining a posse of the State’s most talented musicians with some seriously sexy harmonies, Mama Red & The Dark Blues deserve your undivided attention. And beware… if you don’t give it, you may have it taken by force.

Join Mama Red & the Dark Blues, and special guests Nat Ripepi and Kat Kinley, at Lyric’s Underground, August 19, 2022, and witness the birth of a new era for Mama Red and the crew. The single will be available to purchase from Bandcamp after the gig. Ticket purchasers will receive a free Bandcamp download link for the album, and a discount on a signed copy of the album on vinyl (pre-sale sign-up).

Harry Deluxe (AKA Mama Red) – Lead vox
Melanie Bainbridge – Song writer, Backing vox
Therese Cruise – Backing vox
(Big) Al James – Guitar, vox
Holly Norman – Drums, percussion, vox
Johnny (the fox) Wilson – Bass
Alistair McEvoy – Saxophone
Sanshi – Digeridoo

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