Mother of Compost

DateFebruary 04 2022 - February 12 2022
LocationThe Blue Room TheatrePerth

Rake what your mama gave you! Dearest compost, I am your mother and I am your child. We live in an ecologically precarious time. Some of us don’t want to bring children into this world, others are worried their children won’t have a world to grow old into…but we’ve still got a lot of love to give. Rethink what it means to give birth and be birthed, and sing-along with us in this gooey, camp and interactive subversion of family portraits, birthing classes, baby showers and evolutionary biology. From the minds of queer trouble-makers Noemie Huttner-Koros (The Lion Never Sleeps) and director Andrew Sutherland (small & cute oh no), Mother of Compost asks you to roll up your sleeves this Bunuru (summer)…Change only comes from getting your hands dirty.

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