NAIDOC Week at Raine Square

DateJuly 05 2022 - July 10 2022
Time11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
LocationRaine SquarePerth


Kaya! Hello! Raine Square are excited to celebrate NAIDOC week with their Moort-Mokiny Mereny Bidi (First Nations Food Journey). Last year, Raine Square worked with local Indigenous artist, Rosie Paine, to create an art display representing the six Noongar seasons. This year, in an evolution of story-telling, they will celebrate native foods and their alignment with the seasons.

Find the interactive display, with locally inspired recipe cards available to take at your pleasure! Each recipe aligns with one of the seasons, sharing in the knowledge of the oldest continuous living culture on earth.

Location: in-centre, near Coles
Dates: 5 – 10 July

Raine Square are thrilled to collaborate with local Wadjak Balardong Noongar and Badimaya Yamatji man, Jayden Boundry, to provide cultural guidance and translate the campaign signage into Noongar language. Find the artworks of local indigenous artists, YAMS, a Yamaji man and Damien, from the Koori region displaying on our in-centre activation. These artists are within the portfolio of UneARThed, a local enterprise that supports artists who previously experienced homelessness.

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Immerse yourself…

Noongar people have traditionally hunted and gathered food according to the six seasons which are determined by weather patterns. The six seasons guide which animal and plant resources are plentiful at those times. Noongar people know when it is the season for harvesting by signs in nature.

It is an important part of Noongar custom and lore to take only what you need from nature in order to maintain biodiversity. They leave some honey for the bees to build on and when the fish travel upstream to lay their eggs, they catch them on their way back down.

For Noongar people, the bush is a gourmet delicatessen. By eating foods when they are abundant and in season, natural resources are not depleted and will still be available for the next year. As guardians of the country, they achieved balance and adaptability through thousands of years of living in harmony with the bush.

Their knowledge of the seasons and managing the land was passed down by Elders from generation to generation.

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Raine Square is on Whadjuk Noongar Country. We pay our respects to the traditional owners, their elders past and present.