New Norfolk Rum Release

New Norfolk Rum
DateJuly 07 2023
Time6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
LocationMalt'n GoldFremantle

From their home anchored in the Derwent Valley, they are reinvigorating and nurturing Australia’s love for rum, come join the team at Malt’n Gold and UnWined on Wray as we let Tarrant trade time in Tasmania to showcase the award winning rums and rum based liqueurs he has carefully crafted.

A unique opportunity to taste through several rums and rum based liqueurs, you will be luck to be shown different spirits on this delicious evening.  We’ll make sure there is a meal for everyone, water on hand to keep you hydrated, and seats to keep you comfortable. Tables are set up in twos, and seats are not allocated.

As this is a rum and alcohol tasting and dinner, we implore, beg, and ask that you refrain from drink driving, and do the responsible thing.