Our Secret Garden – Fringe World Exhibition

Rocky Bay Fringe
DateJanuary 22 2024 - February 02 2024
Time9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
LocationCentral ParkPerth

Rocky Bay is proud to welcome Perth to Our Secret Garden – a nurturing space where the sun shines brightly on the artistic accomplishments of artists with disabilities.

Our Secret Garden is a place where each artist is encouraged to explore their creative selves, while being part of a collaboration where everyone grows together and a sense of community abounds. Secret gardens have long been a symbol of discovery and growth, making them the perfect inspiration for our artists’ journeys to find and express their creative selves.

Featuring individual pieces and several collaborative artworks across a range of mediums, the exhibition offers a chance to celebrate the artists and their accomplishments as they take pride of place amongst their friends and families, and the Perth arts community.