Pack of Lies

DateSeptember 15 2022
Time8:00 PM - 10:30 PM
LocationLimelight TheatreWanneroo

It’s often said that truth is stranger than fiction – and Limelight Theatre’s latest show is a prime example. Written by Hugh Whitemore and directed by Gordon Park, Pack of Lies is based on the true story surrounding the most significant spy operation in 1960s London in the middle of the Cold War, dubbed “The Portland Spy Ring”. The plot centres on middle-aged couple Bob and Barbara Jackson and their teenage daughter Julie, who are friendly with their neighbours Peter and Helen Kroger. All is blissful in their world until a mysterious stranger from MI5 arrives and asks to use the Jacksons’ house as an observation station to try and foil a Soviet spy ring operating in the area. The play follows the various events, lies and betrayal that take place in the months leading up to the Krogers being arrested and charged with espionage in 1961. Pack of Lies was first performed in 1983, starring Judi Dench, who won a best actress Laurence Olivier Award for her role.Limel

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