Perth Japanese Beer & Whisky Festival

Tsunami Mosman Park
DateOctober 29 2022
Time12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
LocationTsunamiMosman Park

After a hiatus of a few years we are proud to bring back Perth’s number one Japanese Beer & Whisky festival, with Japanese shochu and Kajitsushu (fruit liqueur). Come try the various expressions of alcohol from the land of the rising sun. From super dry to unpasteurised ‘nama’ craft beers to beers designed to suit grilled eel. With a modest selection of Japanese whiskies or if it suits you a range of traditional Japanese shochu of all types (kome, imo, mugi and sake kasu) to compliment. And for those who like it sweet, the biggest selection of imported kajitsushu (fruit liqueurs) from all over Japan.

Chef Tomohiro has created a worthy feast so come at 12 noon and dine in the restaurant and later go out and taste the drinks on a full stomach. There will be robata (grilled on charcoal) food, especially grilled eel to suit the Doppo ‘unagi’ beer, crispy chicken sliders, wasabi chips, Tsunami and vege rolls and more.

$29 entitling you to enjoy 8 x 100ml samples ranging from Classic, Alt, Stout, IPA all the way to special flavoured yuzu beers.
$49 5 x 15ml samples of Whisky
$29 tasting card for shochu.
$19 tasting card for Kajitsushu.
$35 tasting card for Japanese Gin


Click on the ‘book now’ button and be taken to our online booking system. From there choose a ticket which has the type of alcohol you want to taste. There are two beer ‘cards’, 1 whisky, 1 shochu and 1 fruit liqueur. You can choose 2 cards if you wish. To enter you must choose a card (unless you are a minor and thus unable to drink) (please no ‘spectators’ at this event).

Food will be available from 12 noon onwards with dining seats in the back room of the restaurant and garden. Bring your card to the beer tasting area. When you have a taste of your alcohol type we will stamp your card. After your card is stamped you are free to linger and eat or if you want, get another card of another type of liquor.
If you come later in the day feel free to wait after the event and dine later at Tsunami (bookings advisable).

Kajitsushu (fruit liqueurs) from all over Japan. From Wakayama we have Sekaiito, Kirin Apricot アプリコット, yuzu mint and Nashishu from Yoikigen in Okayama, umeshu (standard and aged) from Niigata, Akita, Okayama, Ehime and Chiba, even shochu based plum wine from Kagoshima. And many more.

A small quality selection of quality Japanese whisky to taste (all NAS). An opportunity to purchase some at big festival only discount on the day.

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Beers from all over Japan. Yamaguchi beer company from the extreme south of Honshu Island makes a Weizen, Pale Ale, Pilsner, IPA, Strawberry and more. At the festival we will be pouring ‘Nama’ (unpasteurised) Weizen and Pale Ale. All our Japanese beers are ‘real’ Japanese beers. They all have ‘Japanese Water’. Moving up the island we have a special ‘Eel Beer’ from Doppo (not made with eel, made to match grilled eel (served at the festival)). From the middle we have the more mainstream Suntory Pure Malt and Yebisu that we have all come to love. Brings back memories of a late night cleansing ale from the vending machine in the hotel floor lobby before you go to bed. Ahhhh.

And from the top of Japan (Morioka, Iwate prefecture) we have Baeren which are obsessed with German Style beer making. Don’t forget to try their ‘Maibrock’ (May) beer. (Yes we know it’s October). Also some lighter styles in cans.

And while strictly not on topic we will have some Kirin Grapefruit ‘Chuhai’ for purchase at the festival. (Don’t judge us).

A small selection of Japanese Gin will be available for tasting. Amongst them is the famous award winning Okayama Craft Gin which is barrel aged and is 50% ABV. Great neat, with soda water, tonic or for use in any cocktail that uses yuzu. Also the famous Ke No Bi gin from Osaka, a Gin from Hokkaido and more.

For those who love shochu we have a varied selection. Seen here from top left to right are Kojika white koji, Black koji, Eikoh Kinra (Kome)(rice), Gozenshu Mugi (Barley), Masumi ‘Sumi’ (sake kasu), Kojika Aotobmbo (blue dragonfly) imo shochu, Niigata Meijo Kome shochu and Kojika Benitombo imo (sweet potato) shochu. There’s something for everyone here.