Petrina Performs Shirley Bassey: This Is My Life

DateMarch 15 2024 - March 16 2024
Time7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
LocationHis Majesty's TheatrePerth

Join Petrina Bishop in celebrating everything that is Dame Shirley Bassey.

See this vocal beauty take you back in time to see the world as The Great Dame saw it. Let her entice you just as the singing seductress would have. Dame Shirley Bassey has had such an extraordinary life!

Let Petrina take to back to where it all began. Join her ‘Downstairs at The Maj!’ and explore the stories of this singing seductress through narration and song. See how the Great Dame used her powerfully expressive voice to break the chains of poverty. With over 6 decades of experience and endless successes, it comes as no surprise, that she has been quoted to be one of the world’s most popular female vocalists.

“I can’t believe the power of your voice and the emotion within it. You were so present in that song.” Jane Crown.

Petrina once again finds home at Downstairs at The Maj! From Barbra to Bassey, Sondheim to Garland. Petrina does it all! Petrina Bishop is a master of many vocal styles! Although she has a deep understanding of classical voice due to her early years of dedicated vocal studies, Petrina directed her vocal gift towards the genre cabaret, mastering its required singing style ‘Belter,’ and undoubtably, without question becoming one of Australia’s best!

Combined with a roller coaster of raw emotion, Petrina is a powerhouse of exceptional musicianship and sound, always showcasing her incredible versatility and range. A dynamic vocalist she continues to capture the vulnerability necessary, allowing every song to come to life, giving it reason to breathe and leaving audiences wanting more!

Petrina has performed with some of the best musicians Australia has to offer, on the great stages throughout, along with performing her shows at cabaret & supper clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond!

NB: This is not a tribute show.