Poncho: Keep it Up!

This orange flavoured Latino-lovin’ buffoon liquifies the English language so you can slurp its runny honey gooey goodness down into your internals and be transported into his world of play and love. Poncho takes you on a sensual yet consensual, absurd, and hilarious journey of storytelling and physical humour to deliver you the life advice you never knew you needed and show you the true meaning of being a lover in more detail than you’d imagine.

“What he is talking about here deserves to be heard by a wide audience” – AU Review.
“With a grin that could slay the most conservative punter, Cabs brought out the best in the audience” – Rip It Up.


Feb 01 2023 - Feb 05 2023


6:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Goodwill Club

The Rechabite

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