River & Vines Events | Mix Tape

DateApril 29 2023
Time6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
LocationRiver HotelMargaret River

River & Vines Events is a community based events company in the South West. We promote local and touring musicians, gigs and support up-and-coming artists within our community through a range of events such as Open Mic nights in Margaret River. Bringing people together to enjoy original music is at the heart of what we do. We are super stoked to be showcasing an exquisite selection of WA’s finest live acts at the The River Hotel, one of Margaret River’s oldest and most iconic live music venues. The timing is on point, given it’s the last weekend of the Margaret River PRO for one hell of an afterparty. Ohhh send it!

Here’s the line up:

Dallas Radio (Headliner): Hailing from Dunsborough, WA, this five piece is the musical love child of two groups: Dallas Royal and Desert Radio. Their distinct sound is steeped in influences from across the last few decades which they have quantified with a concoction of 90s riffs, huge vocals from lead singer Mitch and captivating stage presence that draws any crowd in for more. Listen here.

Grand Casual: 2022 Winners of the Best Regional Act, these three lads from Esperance, WA, will be sure to impress you with their genre-breaking sounds and generous stage presence that captivates crowds across the state. The eclectic swagger of these gentlemen certainly carries through to not only the name they have created for themselves but also their music which is well considered and enthralling. Listen here.

Sky Cave: With roots in the big smoke of Perth, WA, this three piece have made their mark within the industry as a band not afraid to confront life’s hard topics. Having mastered their own unique sound with a mix of influences from old rock to blues, their tunes will linger on your pallet like a fine aged whiskey. You won’t want to miss this act! Listen here.

Hippo Crush: With band members from Margaret River and Esperance, WA plus as far North as Germany, this alt-rock four piece has a shared love of the greats like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, among many others. This has grounded their sound with a strong aesthetic that is catapulted into another dimension by Nina’s powerhouse vocals which will leave you begging for an encore. Listen here.

Be sure to follow the artists involved and River & Vines Events on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with what is happening in this incredible region. Cheers to The River Hotel for collaborating with River & Vines and their ongoing support of local artists that keeps the music scene thriving in the South West.