Rory Lowe: Certified Funny Boy – FRINGE WORLD 2022

DateJanuary 18 2022
Time6:20 PM - 7:20 PM
LocationGoodwill ClubThe Rechabite

Certified Funny Boy is Rory Lowe’s hilarious new hour-long show and it’s full of bangers. Nothing but certified classics. Lowe has filled his new show with untold tales from his childhood, his obsession with Drake, and how he changed the world with a handful of sand. Lowe has toured internationally with Netflix Comedians Bert Kirescher and Andrew Schulz as well as selling out theatres, by himself, here in Perth. Whilst touring around the globe, Lowe has released hundreds of Aussie Disney and Aussie Peppa Pig videos, amassing more than 20 million views online. Time: 18th – 22nd, 25th – 29th Jan @ 6:20pm, 23rd & 30th Jan @ 5:20pm, 1st – 5th, 8th – 12th Feb @ 9:00pm, 6th & 13th Feb @ 8:00pm

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