Samba Sizzle

DateFebruary 03 2024
Time6:00 PM
LocationYagan SquareWellington St, Perth WA 6000

Step into the scintillating world of Samba Sizzle – a captivating and high-energy show that takes you on a vibrant journey through the heart-pounding beats of samba drumming and dancing.

This electrifying production showcases the passion of the Sambanistas, Perth’s original samba drumming group, and the Dance Bloc Brazil Samba dancers, and brings the infectious spirit of Brazilian culture to life on stage and radiates the very essence of samba’s festive spirit. From the first beat, Samba Sizzle transports you to the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival.

Whether you’re a seasoned samba enthusiast or a newcomer to its pulsating world, Samba Sizzle promises an unforgettable experience that ignites the senses with the fiery passion of samba drumming and dancing.