Sun Runners

DateJanuary 19 2024 - January 25 2024
LocationState Theatre CentrePerth

Presented by STATE OF PLAY, Co-produced by Audioplay & Windmill Theatre Company.

Plunge headfirst into an immersive space adventure!

With a pair of headphones and a mobile device, you become a Sun Runner, hurtling across the farthest reaches of the solar system in the race of your life. Sun Runners infuses imaginative, physical play with a cinematic score to create a thrilling action-packed experience.

“Definitely do it. You will literally have the best time of your life.” – Fenella, age 10
“It’s really action packed.” – Charlie, age 10

The most daring, dangerous, heart-stopping race in the universe is the Sun Run, a lap of the entire solar system and around the sun. Teams from across the solar system are pitted against each other in a race that will test their physical endurance and their wits. There have been rumours of a mysterious interstellar dust cloud. When Olli and Gamma are struck down by engine trouble early in the race they discover a disaster in the making. Can they find a way to work with the Plutonians to save the universe from impending doom?

Sun Runners is designed to be played by 6-12 year olds and their families. Groups less than 4 will be joined with other players.

“…they were completely engaged throughout their audio adventure, and were a crack up to watch as they had to avoid getting their faces melted off, build blanket rockets and partake in some funky dancing! Both of my rocketeers would highly recommend!” – Parent (@our.bookish.days)