Table for Two?

Table for Two? takes your order and then forgets it, asks for it again, and then loses the docket. Performed by self-proclaimed ‘Professional Idiot,’ Will Tredinnick – this 1-man extravaganza turns the dining experience on its head. Set in a dysfunctional restaurant, Will plays three different characters, all with one purpose: to keep the struggling restaurant going. With a unique blend of physical comedy and enthusiastic charm, Will invites the onlooking audience to join in on the action. Improvisation, banter and pure silliness drive this work- creating a safe space for long-form audience participation to take a starring role in this recipe. With collective imagination at the forefront, Table for Two? takes the audience on a journey and encourages them to invite play into everyday life.


Jan 20 2023 - Jan 25 2023



7:45 pm - 8:45 pm


State Theatre Centre


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