Take Flight

Joondalup Festival
DateMarch 28 2023
Time5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
LocationTom Simpson ParkMullaloo

Let’s set the scene… The sun is dipping below the ocean. Soft music is gently playing but you can still hear the soothing white noise of the waves. The grass is soft and inviting. A dancer moves and twists in the golden light, like a bird about to take flight over the horizon… Aerial dance pioneer, Dawn Pascoe, shares her art and her heart in this one-of-a-kind spectacular show at Mullaloo Beach. 

Having performed for over 17 years, Pascoe’s performance style is uniquely hers and a pleasure to watch. She shares stories about moments in her life that have inspired her strength, such as figuring out who she is as a 40-year-old aerialist that ditched the lycra to instead spotlight the stripped-back honesty and connection her craft brings. This performance will be complemented by live folk music from the talented Tanya Ransom and Tilly Kay. Curious guests and passers-by will be able to try out their circus skills or just sit back and marvel at what’s happening around them. If you’re lucky, you might catch a gaggle of stilt dancers loping over to dance and play. 

Stumble across it or plan a picnic in the park. Experience it up close or watch from afar. This is an event to interact with and connect to however you choose to do so. 

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