Take Me Home – Japan

DateJuly 28 2022
Time7:00 PM
LocationThe StandardNorthbridge

Our Take Me Home dinner series pays homage to our amazing team, their heritage and cuisine. It’s been a long couple of years in hospo-world, with many of our team still unable to return home to see their families. Each dinner celebrates a special member of our work family, bringing a few of their home comforts to the table to share with you. Our second instalment introduces Massa, our Chef de Partie who hails from Matsuura, Nagasaki in Japan.

Tucked between mountains and the sea, the city of Matsuura sits on the far west of Kyuushu (Japan’s most southern main island), just a stone’s throw from Korea. Join us as we explore the fascinatingly delicious East-meets-West culinary traditions of the Nagasaki region. We’ll journey from the famously familiar; a tonkatsu pork cutlet with mustard sauce via Europe, to a local delicacy of Castella cake – a honey sponge of Portuguese origin, as well as lots of distinctly Japanese flavours like dashi braised daikon along the way.

Our first Take Me Home long table dinner sold out in a flash – don’t miss out!

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Highball Sake Cocktail
Natural oyster, rice vinaigrette, smoked roe
Unagi cream, taco, nori, cumquat
Panko prawn, salted egg, pickles

2019 La Violetta YeYe Grise Riesling/Gewurztraminer
Snapper, pomelo, chive, yuzu kosho, smoked soy

Shared mains
2021 Mon Tout Kind Animals Grenache/Syrah/Pinot Noir
Tonkatsu pork cutlet, shaved cabbage, mustard sauce
Fremantle tuna donburi, sushi rice, confit egg
Sizzling rare beef, lemon, tare
Dashi braised daikon radish
Seaweed & sesame salad
Steamed rice, Japanese pickles, seafood miso soup

Kinmon X3 Rose Junmai Sake
Nagasaki castella, green tea, white chocolate, soy sauce ice cream