Take Me Home – Taiwan at the Standard

DateJune 02 2022
LocationThe StandardNorthbridge

For our next dinner series, we’re paying homage to our amazing team, their heritage and cuisine. It’s been a long couple of years in hospo-world, with many of our team unable to return home to see their families. Each Take Me Home dinner will celebrate a special member of our work family, and bring a few of their home comforts to the table to share with you. Kicking off with Wes our Chef de Partie who hails from Taiwan. $85pp with matching wines by Vinteloper

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Join us in channelling ‘renao’, the untranslatable ‘hot and noisy’ spirit of Taiwanese life as we explore a rich and tangled culinary history — from the bustling midnight food markets to steamy hot-pot palaces and the punchy cultural patchwork of deliciousness in between.

2021 Vinteloper Riesling
Gau bao- braised pork, steamed mantou, pickled mustard green, peanut
Fried chicken, salt & pepper, basil (pear & caviar)
Fu su – fish crisps
Pork floss & salted egg taro bun

2021 Vinteloper Pinot Pinot Rose
Akoya mee sua – vermicelli noodle soup

2019 Vinteloper Touriga Nacional
3 cup chicken- sesame, soy, & rice wine braised chicken
Beef shin, wheat noodles, spring onion, garlic chive
Grilled squid, sweet soy
Garlic stir fried sweet potato leaves
Golden fried Taro cake, smoked pork floss
Steamed rice & spring onion pancakes

Bubble tea cocktail
Pineapple cake
Spring roll -star anise & taro gelato, caramelised peanut, coriander