Take The TOMRA Time Trial

TOMRA Time Trial
DateSeptember 25 2021 - October 10 2021
LocationVariousWestern Australia

This September school holidays, kids can enter Western Australia’s first ever recycling time-trial. From September 25 through to October 10, between 11am-3pm families will be able to head to their local Containers For Change TOMRA Recycling Centre to test their recycling speed skills. Entrants can test their recycling skills by seeing how many eligible drink containers they can return through TOMRA’s high speed reverse vending machines in 60 seconds with a prize of $500 given to the fastest recycler in Perth! TOMRA officials will time your trial and add it to a timesheet, the top 5 entrants will be included on the myTOMRA website.

New research, from TOMRA Collection, has revealed that Western Australian kids are the main recyclers of the family, making this the perfect activity to keep them busy these school holidays and protect our environment at the same time. The research found:

– 85% of WA parents say that their child has stopped them from throwing something away because it’s recyclable
– Nearly half (41%) say kids know more about sustainability than parents did at their age
– 63% of parents say recycling helps teach their kids to care for the environment

TOMRA’s Recycling Centres, authorised return points for Containers for Change, provide a fast, family-friendly and rewarding way to recycle. The facilities are indoors and air-conditioned for your comfort, with over nine fully automated reverse vending machines at each one – and there are hand-wash stations, trolleys, and ample parking for your convenience. Each recycling centre is clean and tidy, and our friendly staff will guarantee your recycling experience is the best it can be!

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