The Children by Lucy Kirkwood

DateMay 08 2021
Time2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
LocationBurt HallPerth

Three of Western Australia’s most cherished and revered actors join forces in a provocative new drama set to make its WA premiere at Burt Hall 8-29 May. The Children by Lucy Kirkwood and featuring Jenny Davis, Vivienne Garret and Andrew Lewis, bring this powerful play to life to reflect on the big questions of responsibility and the impact of human activity on the planet. 

In an idyllic cottage on the British coast, two retired nuclear scientists, Hazel (Jenny Davis) and Robin (Andrew Lewis), are enjoying the quiet life. Apart from the electricity rationing, daily radiation warnings and coastal erosion, everything with them is fine. Around them however, the world is in chaos, with the fallout of a nuclear power plant meltdown threatening their very existence. When old friend and colleague Rose (Vivienne Garrett) arrives unexpectedly, their future and past lives collide as they debate the present and the challenges they face.  

Clever, witty and provocative, The Children introduces us to this trio of characters in a touching story that skilfully addresses the importance of legacy, generational responsibilities and the environmental impact on the planet of human activity and what we want to leave behind for our children. Directed by Stuart Halusz.

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