The Left Bank QUIZ NIGHT – The Simpsons

DateMarch 09 2023
Time7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
LocationThe Left BankEast Fremantle

Amanda HugnKiss? I need Amanda HugnKiss! Are you Homer with a crayon or with a crayon? Are you Ralph Wiggum or Lisa Simpson? Don’t worry, you have heaps of time to binge all 731 episodes… good luck! Get tickets now for The Simpsons Quiz Night with Comedian Daniel Delby at The Left Bank on Thursday 9th March at 7pm. The majority of the quiz is based off what is considered to be “Classic Simpsons Era” with not too many, if any questions from the newer episodes. Join in 2 rounds of mixed video, multiple choice and music questions as well as some games and plenty of prizes up for grabs! Tickets: $20pp