The Showcase

DateNovember 26 2022
Time6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
LocationHOYTS CarouselCannington

Gods and Kings Productions presents The Showcase… Featuring our sci-fi/action pilot episode The Society, starring Rina Mousavi, Shaun Gonzalvo, Tatiana Dunn, Clay Darius and Maggie Meyer. Our short film drama, The Moment Before, created by Reilly Stewart & Shaun Gonzalvo and starring Amanda Corrie and Mason Hewett. And our award-winning thriller short film, The Sacrifice, starring Lily Valverde and Fiona Cooper. Come down and celebrate the independent Western Australian film industry. Hope to see you there!

Trigger & Content Warning: The films, The Society, The Moment Before and The Sacrifice, in this showcase contains distressing and sensitive content. Viewers discretion is advised.