Trash Classics Returns To Luna Leederville For Season 3

Trash Classics: In The Mouth Of Madness

Reviving the spirit of the VHS rental onto the big screen with a cult movie favourite on the last Friday of each month at Luna Leederville! Trash Classics is curated and hosted by Tristan Fidler, from RTRFM’s Movie Squad and Luna’s The Room screenings.

“In France, I’m an auteur… In the US, I’m a bum.” So says John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing), but we’re massive fans of this genius filmmaker and this Lovecraftian meta-horror mystery is one of his last masterpieces, receiving middling critical and commercial results at the box office. A horror author named Sutter Cane (who outsells Stephen King) goes missing and it’s up to Sam Neill to discover why. A special Halloween event screening!


Oct 28 2022



9:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Luna Cinemas Leederville


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