Truffle Kerfuffle

DateJune 25 2021 - June 27 2021
TimeAll Day
LocationFonty's PoolManjimup

Truffles – people bloody love ‘em! Those sweet little nuggets of gold subterranean ascomycete fungus are an obsession for many, and it’s why some regions of our south west light up over the winter months. Nestled quaintly amongst the mighty jarrah and karri forests down near Margaret River you’ll find Manjiump, WA’s truffle heaven.

The combination of rich soils and cool climate around the middle of the year create a haven not dissimilar to world-renowned truffle-rich destinations like France and New Zealand. And it’s also why the Truffle Kerfuffle Festival has quickly become one of WA’s most iconic events, attracting thousands of visitors keen to learn more about – and indulge in – the delicacy.

A weekend of earthly delights, there’ll be long table dinners, bespoke brunches, fireside feasts, free cooking demonstrations, masterclasses with globally-renowned chefs, wine tastings and of course, freshly unearthed truffles. Read on below for a few highlight events you can still grab tickets to, and head to the Truffle Kerfuffle WEBSITE to book now.

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