Trust Me, It’s The End Of Our World After All

DateAugust 16 2022 - September 03 2022
Time7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
LocationThe Blue Room TheatrePerth

“You can’t trust anyone nowadays… All sorts of nasty people waiting here at the end of the world…” Underground in an apocalyptic world, the lines of truth are blurred in this high-stakes family drama that fuses together the tropes of reality TV under a glam rock aesthetic. LET’S DIG A LITTLE DEEPER…

We Dream. We Share. We Create. We are Beyond the Yard… Beyond the Yard is a WA based theatre company comprising of local artists Terence Smith (52 Hertz, Sink), Bubble Maynard (Whisper White, 52 Hertz) and Bianca Roose (52 Hertz, Sink). This exciting new company brings stories to the stage that guarantee to entertain, provoke social discussion and appeal to universal audiences.

Holly’s the eldest; the one who goes above.
Carrie’s the youngest; the one who needs protecting.
And then there’s Marcus; smack bang in the middle of everything.
That’s how it’s been and always will be.
And then there was an intruder…
Living in a web of lies of their own creation, the fractured relationships between three siblings are blown apart with an unexpected arrival to their metallic humble abode.
Having survived for years in a web of lies of their own creation, the family secrets begin to unravel and their airtight bunker is beginning to seem like a more dangerous place than even the outside world.
This original work presented by Beyond The Yard Theatre (52 Hertz, Sink) is ready to provide a frisson of exhilaration that will spill the tea on all those juicy family secrets lying just below the surface.
Prepare to be fully immersed in the apocalyptic world of the play with the design genius of Owen Davis (Lego Masters 2021), eclectic lighting design by Jolene Whibley (Toast), natural ingenuity of costuming by Bianca Roose (Sink, Spongebob the Musical) and immersive sound design by Peter Lane Townsend. Are you ready to delve below the surface to uncover the truth? Book your tickets before it’s buried forever.

Director & Writer| Terence Smith
Costume & Performer| Bianca Roose
Performer | Liam Longley
AV & Sound Design| Peter Lane Townsend
Lighting Design | Jolene Whibley
Producer & Performer| Bubble Maynard
Performer | Joe Haworth
Set Design | Owen Davis
Stage Manager | Maddy Mullins
Image Credit| Nicolee Fo


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Season Dates| Tuesday 16th August – Saturday 3rd September| Studio 7pm

Location| THE BLUE ROOM THEATRE| 53 James Street, Northbridge WA

Tickets| $25 – $30 Purchase at

Warnings| Course language, Adult Themes, Sexual References