Un Cabaret De Legendes

DateJanuary 20 2022
Time8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
LocationHayman TheatreCurtin University

What do Mark McGowan, Genghis Kahn, Martin Luther King Jr and Hitler all have in common? Yeah I don’t know either. Un Cabaret De Legends bring to life these 4 gentlemen as well as some other world leaders which shaped our modern society as we know it today. There’s a whole bunch of singing, dancing and audience interaction which will leave you laughing on the edge of your seats. Guided by our magnificent MC, the hilarious and adults only cabaret style teases and explores into the things in which these world leaders had done to be so influential to us. You get to choose where you sit in the audience to add to your desired level of interaction within the show. So come along, have a laugh, and a boogie as we explore some of the iconic leaders of our time.

Shows run from Jan 20 – 23 and 25 at 8pm and Jan 26 – 30 at 6pm at the Hayman Theatre on the Curtin University Campus in Perth.

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