WA 2050: How do we make WA a thriving place?

DateMay 11 2022
Time5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
LocationUniversity Of Western AustraliaCrawley

Western Australia in the past 30 years has enjoyed tremendous prosperity, coupled with safety from conflict and being shielded from infectious disease. How assured is the next 30 years? It is large, remote, resource-rich and a place of immense biodiversity, but its future can only be secured by addressing key challenges now. Areas needing reform centre around the growth of WA’s future population and the infrastructure needing to accommodate over a million more people. Equally, we must develop a diverse economy and support for new businesses, ensure regional areas are connected through quality health infrastructure, and greater integration with our neighbouring countries in the Indian Ocean Region. Finally, to truly unite this enormous state, we should be connected to and encouraged to share our stories and histories through a thriving cultural and creative arts sector. At this launch of the WA 2050: People, Place, Prosperity report, join a distinguished panel of experts to hear policy ideas and proposals that are best placed to deliver a vibrant future for WA.

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