Weekends at PICA: Sancintya Mohini Simpson

DateAugust 05 2023
Time11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join us for Weekends at PICA, a morning filled with coffee, performance and conversation with PICA’s Djilba/Kambarang artist Sancintya Mohini Simpson.

Simpson will present An exhalation: communicating with my ancestors through DNA and an ocean re-remembered. This experimental sound performance incorporates stainless steel vessels, water, salt, the body and breath, creating space to connect with ancestors by reimagining and recreating an ocean space.

Following the performance, Simpson will join artist Shivanjani Lal, a fellow member of the Indian indentured labourer diaspora, to discuss her practice and exhibition ām / ammā / mā maram. The rich, sensory exhibition features objects and paintings that reveal the often-absent narratives of Indian indentured labourers in colonial history.