Worship – Memento Vivere

DateSeptember 10 2021
Time8:00 PM - 1:00 AM
LocationThe RechabiteNorthbridge

Foxglove Productions and Hearts of Darkness present an immersive night of performance art, installation artwork and live musical acts – MEMENTO VIVERE / 19th Century Latin imperative /. A reminder of life; a reminder of the pleasure of living. Ready thy body and ready thy mind for now. . .we Worship!

Please join us as Worship unveils a ceremony of performance art from deep within the shadows. Foxglove Productions presents a brand new Worship show with an enthralling cast of West Australians. Succumb to moments of beauty and absurdity through burlesque, circus, dance, singing and performance art. Let the lighting installations by Beamhacker wash over you as you look above to the suspended artwork of taxidermist preserving4thefuture. With your presence in this hallowed hall, Worship will journey through the three stages of death, afterlife and rebirth; all reminders that in order to embrace life, one must accept their own mortality.

Featuring Bobby Knox, Darla Harland, Essie Foxglove, Ginava, Matthew Pope, Moana Mayatrix, Smokey LaBare and The Acolytes – Bobbie Apples + Camden Champagne. Together as one, the journey of enlightenment continues with The Ascension — Hearts Of Darkness presents a divine celebration of sound, music and dance. Each night features a curated live music line-up accompanied by DJ sets from the RITUALS collective to breathe life into the dance floor way past the witching hour.


LOVISION (VIC) : A mesmerising and immersive live symbiotic interaction between trip-hop, post-punk and industrial, this live electronic project from Kim Little and Lucas George (VIC) explores the machinations of the organic and the artificial through sound and vision.

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BLACKANTLERS : This elusive dark electronic project from industrialist Christopher J Brown and soprano singer Lucinda Nicholls crosses witch-house, wave and goth-trap to envelope you in their dark, danceable, ethereal soundscape.


MOANA : The Queen Divine Moana Mayatrix’s avantgarde art-rock musical project transgresses the boundaries of form and genre. This otherworldly 4-piece combines stream-of-consciousness poetry of peak-era Patti Smith with psychedelic melodies, grunge guitar licks and propulsive rhythms, and are a spellbinding tempest to behold.

TETHER : Colliding gritty guitar lines with dark synths, Tether is a captivating alternative-pop project. With highly impactful performances earlier this year at WAMFest and supporting NEW TALK, the trio continue to impress with recently released single ‘Night Eyes’ available now on Bandcamp.

Warnings: Adult themes, sexual and death references, strobes, haze and lasers.

Photo by Aaron McPolin & Design by KTB.