Yagan Square free screening event: “Stuff the British Stole – The Return”

DateJanuary 19 2023
Time7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
LocationYagan SquareWellington St, Perth WA 6000

A free community screening of a film about the history of Yagan Square’s namesake will take place in the Amphitheatre on Thursday 19 January at 7pm.  The screening of “Stuff the British Stole – The Return” will be accompanied by guest speakers, dance performers and digeridoos, and a smoking ceremony. The story of Yagan within the Noongar and Perth community is legendary and historic- this screening at Yagan Square named after him, is a special event that will live on forever.

For well over a century the remains of Yagan, an Indigenous Noongar warrior from WA, were missing in the UK. The search for Yagan and the fight to bring him home is one of history’s wildest detective stories. This episode explores the importance of Yagan, an iconic figure in the fight for Noongar rights and recognition. It is only fitting that this screening occurs in Yagan Square, with an appropriate recognition of his importance, the grief and hurt this theft caused, and the healing that his return allowed. Aboriginal warriors are rarely celebrated; Yagan represents someone who fought for country and his people.

This screening is an opportunity for people to learn the true story of the legacy of Yagan through talk, film, dance and culture. This free community event is delivered in partnership with Wild Bear Productions and Karla Hart Productions.

1900 – 1915 Welcome to Country & Smoking Ceremony
1915 – 1925 Dance Performance from Noongar Dance group Mindn Marr Dreaming
1925 – 1930 MC Introduction
1930 – 1945 Guest speakers
1945 – 2015 Film Screening

Tickets are FREE but book to secure your place.