Yagan Square’s Selfie Museums “Can’t Contain Myself”

DateMay 14 2022 - July 31 2022
TimeAll Day

YAGAN SQUARE will engage the selfie-generation with stunning mini-museums in the form of evolving shipping containers landing in the precinct from May to July.  CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF features two shipping containers revamped with a new design each month by Perth-street artists, embracing a trend seen in cities across the world.  With the aim of attracting traffic and interest to Yagan Square, the eye-popping container themes will create a highly sharable backdrop that are made for Instagram and TikTok; such as one of incredible monochromatic optical illusions.  The containers will be open every day of the three-month installation from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, free of charge. The three-month container installation will run alongside a curated program of pop-up events to vitalise Yagan Square on the weekends, including three “Container Weekender” events where the container designs are painted live, three “Yagan Live” Weekends combining arts, culture and family fun, school holiday Kids Sports, a Mini Flower Market and the Makuru Festival to coincide with Reconciliation Week.