Yingarrda Waterholes and Wildflowers Exhibition

DateMay 26 2023 - June 05 2023
LocationJapingka Art GalleryFremantle

Fremantle, Western Australia – Japingka Aboriginal Art is proud to announce the unveiling of Sonya Edney’s fourth solo exhibition: Yingarrda Waterholes and Wildflowers.

This stunning exhibition explores the life-giving powers of the waterways surrounding the Gascoyne River, which defines the vegetation and wildlife of Western Australia’s mid-west region.

In Sonya Edney’s work, the waterholes and creeks are a constant source of inspiration that brings forth the wildflowers surrounding the river’s banks and floodways. The Gascoyne River is fed by 36 tributaries, which energise the surrounding landscape when the river flows for one-third of the year.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to view Sonya Edney’s iconic and commemorative painting of the total solar eclipse which took place at Exmouth, WA, on the 20th of April 2023.

Her painting entitled, [insert name], celebrates this rare event and the unique perspective Sonya gained by witnessing the total eclipse herself. As part of the Dark Sky Festival in Exmouth surrounding the event, the artist’s work was also featured in an impressive and moving drone light show that told the story of Jirndarl, the woman/sun, and Willarda, the man/moon.