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If you love beer and you’ve been to Albany, you’ll know of the Wilson clan and their beloved Wilson Brewing Co. – not only do they know their way around a delicious drop (or 10), they’re champions of all things Great Southern.

We figured we’d ask them to shine a little light on their local and send us five of their must visit spots around the Great Southern – check it out below:

Hartmans Beach (and Cosy Corner)

Cosy Corner and Hartman’s are two beaches nestled side-by-side but separated by a small rocky outcrop. You can park up at the Cosy Corner parking, use the BBQ pits, and stroll down to the beach.

Hartmans has it’s own access, and is great for driving your car onto the beach to park up for a day of fun. It’s protected by Migo Island, which you can paddle across to for some exploring. It also makes beach-launching your boat from this location pretty simple.

Image Credit: albanyregion.com.au

There is the cutest little café on the way out The CAPE Bar.Store.Cafe AKA the Cosy Corner Store that is definitely worth a stop in. They sell locally made produce, yummy food to dine-in or take-away, great coffee, alcohol, and even have a little op shop where you can sometimes find a few gems.

Waterfall Beach

A wonderfully secluded beach on the backside of Little Beach (pictured below, another well known beach worth checking out). If you walk all the way to the end of little beach, there’s a small walking trail that takes you over the hill, over some rocks, and down to Waterfall beach. For most of the year there is a small freshwater waterfall that tumbles over some rocks (you can follow it quit far back for a nice secluded freshwater pool lounging session) and after some rain it flows with gusto. There are some trails you can take to get to the top of the rocky hill behind the beach for a phenomenal view of the surrounding land and ocean.

Image Credit: DG Imagery

On the way out to Waterfall beach, make sure to stop in at the Little Beach Store as it’s literally on the way. They’ve been under new management for the last year (awesome couple, Georgia and Ben), and their food is to die for – seriously best breakfast spot in town. Second best of all, they are BYO! Having early afternoon wine or champagne out there is spectacular.

Little Beach Store, Albany

Granite Skywalk, Castle Rock

Though technically not in Albany, Castle Rock IS only a 30min drive from the heart of Albany – and is well-known as an easy half-day hike with a view that will knock your socks off. Going during the canola season (mid-August into September dependent on seasonal rainfall) will give you an amazing patchwork tapestry of greens and golds that stretch to the horizon.

Castle Rock, Albany

Majuba Bistro

This is a two story European-inspired bar and restaurant and one of Albany’s smarter (dare I say fine dining) dining options. Majuba‘s menu is select but delicious, with a good wine offering. When the upstairs is open, going for sundowner wines and share plates on the balcony is exceptional. The owners are an awesome German/South African couple, Andrea Love and Johann Print-Gurtel, with Johann also being the Head Chef and is Michelin-trained, so you know you’re in good hands.

Majuba Bistro

Monty’s Leap Cellar Door & Restaurant

Recreated and reopened by owners Phil and Michelle Shilcock, Monty’s Leap is absolutely breath-taking. The kitchen is run by French Head Chef Adrien Voisin who creates a deliciously relaxed fine dining experience. The vista overlooking the property’s grapevines is magnificent, and if you can get a table on the outside deck for sunset, you’ll be picking your jaw up off of the ground (don’t worry, once the sun goes down the deck becomes enclosed so you won’t get cold).

Montys Leap, Albany

Head to the Wilson Brewing Co. Website to get amongst these titans of Great Southern beers.

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