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Bunker Bay Beach
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There’s so many delightful beaches in our regions south west, it’s not really fair to pick favourites!

When it comes to beautiful Bunker Bay – you might have to head a little further south, but it’s worth the drive to explore this hidden treasure tucked away in the Margaret River region.

What is it?

Bunker Bay is a spread of beach on one of the western most points of south Western Australia. Tucked between Eagle Bay Beach and Cape Naturaliste, the bay itself is protected by the rocky outcrops of Cape Naturaliste which makes it ideal for travellers who are looking for calmer waters. It’s also dog-friendly, with toilet and picnic facilities too.

Bunker Bay Beach

Where is it?

On the north side of Cape Naturaliste, Bunker Bay beach is about a three hour drive south of Perth. From Dunsborough town, you’ll want to turn right at Cape Naturaliste and follow the coast before turning right on Bunker Bay Road. From there, you’ll have the option of turning into the café, the resort or the general parking area for the beach.

The parking area is right next to the shower and toilet facilities. From there, you’ll want to make your way down the wooden path which is a short walk to the actual beach itself.

What to do?

Bring your dog! The north side of Bunker Bay Beach is dog-friendly and many beachgoers bring their furry friends along for a swim.

If you’re keen on fishing, the bay is an ideal place to throw the line thanks to its calm swell. Avid fishers will want to visit during the annual salmon season which usually begins in early March.

Bunker Bay Fishing

It goes without saying, but if you love the water you’ll love Bunker Bay. Families will enjoy going for a relaxing swim on a hot day. Divers and snorkelers will want to take advantage of the lack of wind and check out the marine life offshore. The south west coast is home to many different species of marine life and because of the bay’s location, even the windiest won’t put a damper on the mood.

If you’re planning to stay a little longer, Pullman Bunker Bay Resort sits right on the doorstep of the beach and is a quiet, relaxing option for some downtime in the Margaret River region. The resort features an outdoor pool, restaurant, tennis courts and fitness centre and spa facilities in addition to the glorious stretch of beach you’ll be living on.

What not to do:

While it’s fine to have your four-legged friend on the north side of the beach, don’t forget to pick up after them and make sure they’re mindful of other people and wildlife. There are facilities to discard your rubbish near the toilets.

Whether you’re fishing, snorkelling, swimming or just laying out, make sure you don’t damage any wildlife in the area. You’ll want to adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles and check you don’t leave any rubbish, take any wildlife with you and pay attention to any fire restrictions or bans that could be in place.

Anything else?

There’s nothing better than a bite to eat after a few hours frolicking in the sunshine and water. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, head to Bunkers Beach House for some fresh West Australian seafood. Or take a short drive to Eagle Bay Brewing Co for a nice cold beer or glass of wine.

Article by Emma Ruben. Image Credit: Shutterstock