Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake: Everything you need to know

Hutt Lake Pink Lagoon Aerial View
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Western Australia’s Coral Coast is famous for its stunning turquoise ocean, but it is also home to one of the most vibrant and impressive pink lakes in Australia, Hutt Lagoon.

Words and photos by Lauren Witherow & Harry Miller – follow their adventures at

This iconic, bubblegum coloured lake is sure to leave a lasting impression and is a destination not to be left off your WA coast road trip itinerary.

Hutt Lake Pink Lagoon Aerial View

What is it?

Hutt Lagoon is a 70 square kilometre marine salt lake. The lake is given its incredible pink colour through the presence of carotenoid-producing algae, which is used in everything from cosmetic products to food colouring. Hutt Lagoon is also home to the world’s largest operating micro-algae production plant and is a source of brine shrimp which are used as feed in fish and prawn farms.

Hutt Lake Pink Lagoon Aerial View

Where is it?

Hutt Lagoon sits beside the quaint fishing town of Port Gregory and is the closest pink lake to Perth. To reach Hutt Lagoon it is best to drive – it will take you around five-and-a-half hours from Perth heading north via the Indian Ocean drive coastal highway. If you are coming from Kalbarri you will reach the lake after a half-hour drive and from Geraldton, it is around an hour’s drive north to reach its shores.

Once you arrive at Hutt Lagoon the best place to park up is along Port Gregory Road in the designated carpark. From this carpark you can walk down a track to admire the lake’s edge and see the glittering salt crystals up close. If you’re keen to see the lake from above then there are also a range of scenic flight operators that will give you a whole new perspective of this stunning landmark, which contrasts strikingly with the fringing coastline.

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Hutt Lagoon (pink lake) Map

What to do?

Visiting this lake during the middle of the day, when there is minimal to no cloud cover, is your best bet for seeing the pink colours come through. However, even on a cloudy day you can still get an appreciation for the incredible colour of the water.

The Instagram famous lake is unreal for photographs (a Lancôme Australia ad was even shot here!) so be sure to remember your phone or camera and a drone if you plan on capturing those aerial shots. If you’re thinking of venturing into the lake don’t forget your bathers and towel, and a floatie is also highly recommended.

Hutt Lake Pink Lagoon Aerial View

What not to do:

While technically you are allowed to swim in Hutt Lagoon (as long as you are not in the area leased by BASF) take into consideration before you go into the water it is very salty and any open cuts can be painful. As mentioned, a floatie is a great option if you are thinking of getting wet!

As with all visits to our natural spaces, adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles: meaning don’t leave any rubbish at the lake so that the next visitors can enjoy this unique spot just as much as you.

Hutt Lake Pink Lagoon Aerial View

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