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Mettams Pool, Perth
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Is there a sweeter time to live in Perth than during our long, hot summers?

Flush with beautiful beaches, the only hard part is choosing which one to visit – and Mettams Pool is a very popular choice, for reasons we’ll go into below.

What is it?

One of the many great stops along the northern beaches section of West Coast Drive, Mettams is one for the snorkelling enthusiasts, and also provides a little bit of shelter if the wind comes in early. The naturally-formed lagoon is mostly shallow, making it a popular spot for everyone from families with young kids up to older folks thanks to relatively calm waters you’ll find even when the seabreeze comes up.

Where is it?

Mettams Pool is just a little north of Perth’s surfing haven Trigg Beach, with a cosy little stretch of beach running between Lynn Street to the south and the Mettams Pool carpark near Saunders Street to the north. There are stairs and ramp access down to the beach from the carpark.

What to do?

Besides rolling up with an umbrella, some towels and a little cooler with some beverages and fruit to enjoy a day by the water, Mettams Pool is also one of Perth’s best snorkelling spots. There’s a wonderful array of species to be found just off shore, including red-lip morwong, banded sweep, bullseyes, wrasse, buffalo bream, sea mullet, tarwine and of course, blowies.

A little further north to Watermans Bay you’ll sometimes find a wave to catch (with plenty of other folks) when the swell’s are bigger in autumn/winters. West Coast Drive is also a popular spot for joggers and walkers, with plenty of great cafes to be found along the way.

What not to do:

As this section of beach is not patrolled by surf lifesaving clubs, it’s best not to venture beyond the reef borders if you’re an inexperienced swimmer/snorkeller, with a strong surge on the outer reef something to be very mindful of.

As with all visits to our natural spaces, adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles: meaning don’t leave any rubbish at the beach so that the next visitors can enjoy this unique spot just as much as you.

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