Bremer Bay Naturaliste Charters Orcas Killer Whales

Orca Season Is Underway: Here’s How And Where To See Them!

bySally Hall
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Each day that we learn something about underwater canyons is a day that our minds are blown!

While WA is lucky enough to boast a number of fascinating underwater landscapes – including the Perth Canyon, home to the largest concentration of blue whales in Australia – its hard to find a landscape more intriguing than the Bremer Bay Canyon.

The canyon is a biodiversity hotspot that we’re still only just beginning to understand. What we do know? Off the coast is a continental shelf: a deep sea canyon, the depths of which contain a high concentration of bio-carbons. Every summer, the cold Antarctic current brings this nutrient-rich deep water to the surface.

Bremer Bay Naturaliste Charters Orcas Killer Whales

This, in turn, attracts an array of marine life that includes whales, sharks, dolphins and colossal giant squid, up to 14 metres in length. It’s these giant squid that are the ultimate feast for orcas!

The season runs between January and April, with Bremer Bay’s longest running operator, family-run Naturaliste Charters, running daily departures for their Killer Whale Expeditions.

Bremer Bay Naturaliste Charters Orcas Killer Whales

Now in their ninth year of orca expeditions (and 30th year in business), each tour has a marine biologist on board to explain the amazing wildlife you’ll see – plus a 96% sighting success rate, with another free tour if you’re one of the unlucky few and don’t manage to spot an orca!

To find out more about these amazing apex predators and how to see them, check out the Naturaliste Charters website.