Prawn Rock Channel: Everything you need to know

Prawn Rock Channel Denmark Ocean Beach
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Wild ocean meets tranquil stream at the stunning, constantly-changing Prawn Rock Channel.

What is Prawn Rock Channel?

Prawn Rock Channel is one of the Great Southern’s most unique swimming spots.

While the channel, a popular destination since the late 1920s, exists year-round, a sandbar normally separates the Wilson Inlet from Ocean Beach.

High wintertime water levels in the inlet require a channel to be dug through the sandbar to prevent flooding into surrounding roads and properties, and allowing the flow of water between the inlet and ocean. During high tide, the flow of ocean water into the inlet means the channel fills with stunning turquoise waters, while low tide means the flow of inlet water out to the ocean, stained with tannins from the gum leaves that fall into the inlet’s tributary streams and rivers. Water levels generally start to lower towards the end of summer when the beach naturally fills the dug channel.

This means that the Prawn Rock Channel can change drastically between visits, not just in colour but in depth, strength and direction of flow, and even temperature!

Prawn Rock Island, also known as Dog Island, forms one side of the channel – you can access the small island and its walking paths via two small footbridges.

Where is Prawn Rock Channel?

Prawn Rock Channel is located on Minang country, approximately 10 minutes’ drive from Denmark’s town centre, and about a five hour drive from Perth. When breached, the channel connects the Wilson Inlet to Ocean Beach.

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What to do at Prawn Rock Channel?

The calm waters with no waves make Prawn Rock Channel the perfect spot for oodles of family-friendly water activities – from swimming and snorkelling to stand up paddle boarding and kayaking.

The north half of Dog Island, as well as Prawn Rock Dog Beach (west of the northern half of the island) are permitted dog exercise areas – so feel free to bring along well-behaved furry friends!

Prawn Rock Channel Denmark Ocean Beach

What not to do at Prawn Rock Channel?

Let your pooch loose in areas they’re not permitted, as the waterways and surrounding areas are protected – including Ocean Beach!

As with all visits to our natural spaces, adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles: meaning don’t leave any rubbish out there, don’t disturb any wildlife and try your best to look after the surrounding area. Make sure you also adhere to any fire restrictions or bans that might be in place.

Social cover image via Karri Mia Chalets and Studios