Dive into these vintage photos of WA swimming spots over the years

Tom Price swimming pool ca 1967
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With the temperature rising and summer holidays tantalisingly around the corner, we’re positively desperate to spend days floating, splashing and submerged in just about any body of water we can get.

We’re sure you’ve already seen these amazing vintage photos of Perth’s stunning beaches, but (and pardon the pun) we’ve also taken a deep dive into the wonderful, fantastic, very excellent State Library of Western Australia Facebook page and found some beaut photos of various swimming holes across our state – from pools to ponds and almost everything in between.

Muckinbudin ca 1930

An elegant swan dive into a Muckinbudin dam, circa 1930.

Kalgoorlie Olympic Pool ca 1938

Kids playing in the new Kalgoorlie Olympic Pool, circa 1938.

Pemberton Pool ca 1930s
Pemberton Pool ca 1930s

A group of young men and boys pose at the Pemberton Pool after giving the toboggan a good run, circa 1930s.

Youanmi Pool 1932

Another elegant swan dive into what was perhaps the first private swimming pool in WA at Youanmi in 1932.

Yanchep Pool ca 1935

Attached to the Crystal Pool Guest House, Yanchep Pool later underwent a name change in honour of the Duke of Gloucester’s 1934 visit. Pictured here circa 1935, a series of ornamental pools were designed to warm the spring water that fed the pool.

Marble Bar picnic ca 1941

A relaxed picnic by the river at Marble Bar, circa 1941.

Carlindie Water Tank 1948

A refreshing dip in the water tank at Carlindi Station, 1948.

Camera Pool ca 1958-1959

Dorrie Foord and Wilma Venville take a cheeky dip at Camera Pool in the eastern Kimberley, circa 1958-1959.

Araluen Botanic Park swimming pool, ca 1960-1961

The picturesque, ice-cold water of the pool at Araluen Botanic Park, circa 1960-1961.

Tom Price swimming pool ca 1967

Tom Price Pool, circa 1967, with the remarkable backdrop of Mount Nameless in the distance – and below, photographed a few years later in 1970.

Tom Price Pool ca 1970
Cunderdin Olympic Pool ca 1967

The turquoise water of the Cunderdin Olympic Pool, circa 1967.

Dales Gorge pool 1968

Swimmers go for a dip at Dales Gorge in 1968.

Weano Gorge Hamersley Range ca 1984

Similarly in 1984, a trio of swimmers dive into the pool at Weano Gorge in the Hamersley Range, circa 1984.

Karratha Pool 1975

Kids line up for their swimming lessons at Karratha Pool in 1975.

Beatty Park Aquatic Centre ca 1994

The indoor kids pool at Beatty Park Leisure Centre (complete with blue whale), circa 1994 – and below in 1966 for the occasion of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s visit to Perth.

Queen Mother visits Beatty Park Aquatic Centre 1966
Adventure World ca1984

The iconic Adventure World, circa 1984.

But why venture out? Stay home and you can be as relaxed as this cool character, enjoying a bevvy in his very own Sunshine pool in 1984.

Sunshine Pools 1984

Some photos are available to purchase via the State Library of WA. All photos, unless stated, via the State Library of WA.

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