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Let’s be real: right now, the housing market can feel pretty darn daunting. The stress of finally scrounging together a deposit, only to find yourself living in an estate commuting hours to and from the CBD every day is one faced by many in 2022. If that’s not how you envision your mornings, we’ve got good news for you: WA remains the most affordable state for housing in the nation, and we’ve teamed up with reiwa.com.au*, to find 10 of the most affordable suburbs within 15kms of the city.


Westminster is knocking it out of the park with a median house price of only $380 000. Just east of Balcatta, it’s a mere 12kms from the CBD. Dotted with parks and open spaces, sports facilities and an aquatic centre, plus a pub and countless restaurants, there’s plenty in the area to keep you active and entertained. It’s also home to four schools, and the Central Stirling Gate Shopping Centre.

Queens Park

South of the river, Queens Park is the hidden gem with a median price of $440,000; nestled between Cannington, Vic Park, Bentley and the Hills, just about everything is right on your doorstep. Carousel (pictured, below) is only a five minute’s drive away, with fashion, food and entertainment – plus Vic Park is one of Perth’s premier dining destinations, and is conveniently just down the road for your next date night!


For a median price of $480,000, you can find yourself nestled between the Swan River and the Hills – and only 10 kms from the city. Bordered by Belmont (home to shops, cinemas, restaurants and more), you’re also a short skip across the river to the cafes and restaurants of Bayswater and Maylands.


Neighbouring Queen’s Park to the west, Bentley has a median house price of $450,000. Similarly well-positioned, it also has the benefit of Curtin Uni’s (pictured, below) convenient proximity, and the amenities that come with it – including heaps of great, affordable restaurants! You’re also only minutes away from the picturesque banks of the Swan River, as well as plenty of private and public schools.


Another south of the river spot, you can pick up a home in Cloverdale for a median price of $455,000. Only 15 minutes from the city on a good day, it shares borders with Belmont, Rivervale and Kewdale – as well as the airport for any jetsetters! In spite of its name, Cloverdale is also technically where you’ll find the 130-store-strong Belmont Forum, and neighbouring Reading Cinemas.


Just south of Westminster and even closer to the CBD, Nollamara’s median house price is $410,000. With three local schools, it’s a great spot for young families with winding streets filled with parks like Des Penman Reserve, Tony Marcon Park, Rye Place Reserve, Hancock Karabli Reserve and countless more. Plus there’s the Nollamara Bowls Club, of course! Budding master chefs can stock up at the gourmet IGA, or drop by foodie haven Kakulas Sister.


Less than 10km from the city and with its own thriving shopping precinct, recreation facilities and two local schools: Belmont’s got it all on lock, and all for a $489,000 median house price. The suburb also boasts some great parks and open spaces, including Faulkner Park. Shared with Cloverdale, the park is home to lakes, a charming bridge and a truly iconic volcano playground that the kids will love.


Another one for the south side massive, Kewdale’s median price will set you back $506,000. Sandwiched by Cloverdale and Carlisle, it’s only a quick hop across the river to the CBD – just ten minutes without traffic. The suburb is also home to enticing outdoor areas, like the lush parklands of Tomato Lake.

Osborne Park

Get in the thick of it in Osborne Park – halfway between the city and the ocean! Only about 10 minutes from the coast and 10 to the city, you can experience the best of both worlds – plus, it borders Herdsman Lake (pictured, below) for all your nature needs (and IKEA’s just down the road for all your meatball needs). Houses in Ozzy Park have a median price of $508,500.


The northernmost inclusion of the bunch, Balcatta’s south end is under 15 minute’s drive from the CBD on a good day. The median house price sits at $512,500 – with five local schools across primary and secondary levels plus plenty of parks, the area is great for growing families.

In the market for a new house? Head to reiwa.com now and start planning your next life adventure!

*Data for this article was taken from the 12 months up to November 2021.

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