An abandoned compound with two Chinese-style mansions has hit the market

6 Coffey 341 Beenyup Road Banjup
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We’re lucky enough to see a whole bunch of pretty unique homes hit our inboxes here at Perth is OK!…

But when we saw this Banjup property? We don’t know the last time a property caused so much excited office chatter, as we huddled around a computer screen in disbelief… And we’re sneaking you a look inside thanks to our pals at Crib Creative.

6 Coffey 341 Beenyup Road Banjup

Located in Banjup and spread across two land parcels totalling 4.48 hectares, the property features two sprawling buildings, constructed in what is described as “a fusion of the Huizhou and Jingpai styles” at the cost of a whopping $75 million (or thereabouts).

And while we say constructed… The project was abandoned before completion (due to a slew of reasons that we won’t get into), leaving an intriguingly eery landmark in its place.

Across those two grand buildings, their 10,000 square metres include 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, multiple kitchens, large conference halls, a theatre, library, museum, and even an event hall.

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Outside, intricately decorated pagodas interlink across organically-shaped pools, with interconnected covered pathways connecting the wings of the home.

Between the parcels, rather grand avenues are lined with palm trees, with just eight prancing horse figures remaining from an original 52.

Ready to start your own commune? Check out the listing for this unique property here.

Image credit: Crib Creative