This Freo rental is a design-lover’s dream

8/100 South Street Fremantle
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Straight off the bat: this ain’t just any old run-of-the-mill-rental. The landlord special? We’ve never heard of her!

We’ve seen the eclectic 8/100 South Street, Fremantle pop up on our radar before – and it should come as no surprise that it’s stayed in the back of our minds. After all, how could you forget this chequerboard tile, custom wiggly shelf, black and white terrazzo combo?!

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8/100 South Street Fremantle

Beyond the impeccable styling choices, the three bedroom home balances a playful sense of joie de vivre with a robust practicality.

Built-in banquette seating that opens up to a rustic brick-paved courtyard makes you the dream dinner party host (for up to 16 of your friends!), but also makes the perfect spot for lounging with a morning coffee, or setting up camp on work-from-home days.

8/100 South Street Fremantle

The adjoining kitchen may be monochromatic, but “minimalist” feels like a reductive descriptor for something quite so fun. Imported black and white Italian terrazzo is offset by all-black cabinetry and (also imported Italian) terracotta floor tiles.

The light-filled living room features not only the aforementioned fantastically squiggly custom-built shelving, but a working gas fireplace for cosy nights in.

Loving the vibes? Check out the listing for 8/100 South Street here.