We bought a pub? The historic Greenhills Inn is up for sale

Greenhills Inn for sale
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Look, if we just ignore the actual logistics of it all, the idea of running a sick outback pub in Western Australia sounds like a pretty great time to us.

Can’t you just imagine it? The murmur of a golden afternoon crowd, pool tables clinking away in the distance, fireplace crackling, pints pouring…

So when something like the historic Greenhills Inn goes up for sale, our daydreams of ice cold beers over yarns with the local legends of the area begin to fire up.

Greenhills Inn for sale
Greenhills Inn for sale

Offered exclusively by Jay Harrison at Edison McGrath, 444 Greenhills Road is available to purchase as a freehold property and operating business, and believe us when we say we are day. dreaming. hard.

As far as juicy historical details go, the Greenhills Inn also has a fantastic story behind it.

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It was constructed way back in 1906 by one of this country’s pioneering female publicans, Mary Ann McMullen, and ended up becoming quite the hub for gold prospectors on their journey to riches.

Greenhills Inn for sale
Greenhills Inn for sale

In more recent times it’s become a wonderful little weekender for “tourists, travellers, caravanners, car clubs, and locals”, keeping its original Federation-era charm alongside some modern amenities and top shelf food, drink and service.

It’s located with in the Shire of York (one of our fave day trip destinations close to Perth), and just over an hour-and-a-half from the Perth CBD.

Greenhills Inn for sale

While buying a pub might still be a pipe dream for little old us, you might be actually interested and able to make it happen – if so, check out the full listing via Edison MccGrath here.

Imag Credit: Supplied/Paul Tuttle (@properthwa)