The wonderful Weeties Warehouse has just hit the market!

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Wow, wow, wow!

That’s just about all we have to say about Weeties Warehouse.

We’d long been meaning to do a deep dive into this spectacular (award-winning) home designed by (award-winning) Fremantle architects Spaceagency and built by Assemble Building Co… And now, as if by divine intervention, it has hit the market today.

Completed in 2023 and located in North Fremantle, the home is, unsurprisingly, within a heritage-listed formed Weeties Factory from the 1930s.

Merging three apartments into one, the result is a home of a rather lavish scale, with soaring, vaulted ceilings and bespoke fittings – its lavishness counterbalanced by its deference to its history and a contemporary sense of fun.

Making the most of the wall of classic warehouse-style steel-framed windows, the southern side of the home’s ground floor has been transformed into a lush industrial paradise, filled with plants and home to a perfectly round, heated and mineralised swimming pool.

Now that is somewhere to entertain!

Also on the ground floor?

A positively gargantuan chef’s kitchen with butler’s pantry and an eight metre long (yep, eight metres!) French Oak island that can fit up to 22 of your nearest and dearest.

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Of course, we can’t just walk past that stunning, sculptural spiral staircase that winds its way through the heart of the home… We’ll walk up it, instead!

Upstairs is where you’ll find a charming mezzanine, with playful expanses of lush red in both the carpets and the drapes (steady on!), with one of the home’s four bedrooms and an additional relaxed living area.

Ascend another level, and you’ll find two more, as well as the absolutely breathtaking primary bedroom suite – which mirrors the ground floor’s expansive sense of scale… Not just in the spaciousness of the bedroom itself, but the extensive storage, endless vanity counter space and a tub (and steam room!) to soak your troubles away.

Fallen in love? Check out the listing for Weeties Warehouse here.

Header image credit: Jack Lovel. All other images via Ray White