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Best Body is one of Perth’s most popular physio and pilates studios, with over 26 locations around Australia ( 22 in WA) helping women achieve a variety of health and wellbeing goals through reformer pilates, physiotherapy and more.

Author and Founder Scott Wescombe is just about to launch a brand new Toned In 6 Weeks program at Best Body, which you can find out more about from the man himself below, along with details on how you can join the program (potentially for free):

An increased number of people have been gaining weight over the past 18 months, fueled by stress and a sedentary lifestyle. The three problems that are stopping most people from getting toned and achieving a healthy weight in today’s challenging world include:

– Having little to no confidence, which makes the thought of doing anything extremely confronting;
– Experiencing anxiety that cripples the best of intentions;
– Too tired to even consider exercising or eating healthy.

If you’re struggling with little to no confidence, experiencing anxiety, and feeling tired all of the time – you know how hard it is to eat a salad and go exercise. And not only is it hard to do anything healthy, the extra stress prompts the body to store more fat!

This is a part of the reason why obesity rates have risen over the past 18 months.

Now, there are three surprisingly simple ways that Best Body helps people get toned in six weeks, and stay that way for life – especially during challenging times:

1. Achieve total confidence through our Strong, Fit, and Flexible Plan – which builds lean muscle and burns fat!
2. Experience a clear mind with The Conscious Eating Tool that helped a Best Body Confident Lifestyle member lose 6kg in 6 weeks, without strict dieting!
3. Have all-day energy using The Restorative Sleep Checklist which optimises the hormones that help you achieve your healthy ideal weight.

We’re starting a new Toned By Best Body 6 Week Program group soon and are giving away 5 spots to people who register their interest here.

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