Get Milk! We’re Teaming Up With The Brownes Milkos To Give Away A Year’s Supply Of Fresh WA Dairy

byTroy Mutton
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We love reminiscing about the good old days – simpler times when social media meant watching the tele with the family, the news coming in paper form on your doorstep each day and pleasant discourse happening over a few casual beers at the pub.

Brownes remembers the good old days too, and that longing for a stronger sense of community spirit, combined with an increased reliance on delivery services led them to bring back the good ol’ Milkos last year. That’s right, all your milk and dairy needs (along with juice and coffee) are available farm fresh for next day delivery.

All you need to do is leave a laundry basket or box out for the Milko, and maybe a little note wishing them a good day on the roads and moo, your milk requirements are sorted for the week. Even better, you don’t need to set up an account and there are no delivery fees, just head to the Brownes Dairy Milko website and place your order today. Oh and here’s a little pro-tip, use THIS LINK to get 25% of your first order with the code PERTHISOK.

Brownes are also looking to expand the service further but they need your help, and have a year’s supply of dairy products to giveaway in return. All you need to do is fill out this short (seriously, it took us less than 2 minutes) SURVEY and you’re in the running.

For more info on how Brownes’ new Milko service works and to place your first order, head to the Brownes Dairy Milko WEBSITE.